Coed Indoor WiffleBall!!!

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Wiffle Ball

Suffering from Spring Fever? We’ve got your back! Batter up in this simply fun league. All the joy of playing ball, except with less skill necessary, like way less skill. No gloves, no helmets, just balls in Wiffle Ball.

Registration Includes

• 7 weeks Wiffle-ball adventure
• Crazy-Fun challenges like flip-cup tournaments after games
• Team Shirts
• Exclusive drink specials after games
• Amazing food deals for your post-game hunger
• First, Last, and Most Social awards

Skill Levels

Recreational – This is a simply fun league. No skill, no athletic ability, and no prior experience necessary. If you’re Barry Bonds it would help, but only a little.


Team Construction

  • 6 v 6
  • Teams must be at least 8 people, there is no max
  • Must have at least 2 females on the field each inning
  • 7 innings (or if it happens first, one hour)

*Coed Social Kickball – Each player must adhere to both the Rules & Social Policy

See Official Rules Social Policy

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