Team Building & Benefits

Why should your company play in a FWSSC league?

  • Most important: FUN!

    Most importantly, because playing is fun. FWSSC leagues offer your staff a unique opportunity to get to know each other and laugh together outside of the office.

  • Team Building and Collaboration

    Team Building and Collaboration: FWSSC is both a social and sport club. US News compiled a top 5 list for co-workers bonding experiences; number 2 on that list is fitness and sports activities. Teamwork and communication are essential in any sporting event, whether it is supportive or physically.

  • Leadership

    “Students who participate in aspects of campus recreation demonstrate higher leadership capacity and efficacy than many of their peers.” Fort Wayne Sport & Social Club continues those leadership development opportunities in a variety of real-world applications.

    * Team Captain: The most obvious avenue to practice and demonstrate leadership is for an aspiring manager to handle the role of team captain. This individual is responsible for organizing the team, ensuring people are where they need to be on time, gather team input for decisions like uniform color and name, as well as maintain atmosphere and morale. The Captain is responsible for equipment as well as ensuring good sportsmanship is employed.

    * Social hour: Networking is paramount to the success of any professional; however, everyone understands networking events are typically awkward. FWSSC social hour is vastly different because of the casual setting and shared experience of the sporting activity. FWSSC brings everyone together at a local establishment to expand their professional and personal networks in a fun and energetic setting. Furthermore, the experience and skills gained in networking in a casual setting provides practice and increases confidence for future, more typical, networking functions.

  • Retention

    FWSSC advocated relationships, networking, and the value of those connections. Personal relationships are strong indicators of employee retention rates. In firms within the same field, companies focused on interpersonal relationships keep employees longer than counterparts focused on task driven cultures.[1]

    Whether its friends, couples, siblings, or co-workers; creating opportunities for positive shared experiences facilitates widened understanding and more relational depth.

    The research adds to findings published in 2000 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by psychologist Arthur Aron of State University of New York-Stony Brook and colleagues. They showed that sharing in new and exciting activities is consistently associated with better relationships.

    FWSSC has created an environment specifically tailored for your workforce to engage in relationship building, helping to create a more inter-connected workplace.

    [1] Sheridan, John: Organizational Culture and Employee Retention, “The Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 35, No. 5 (Dec., 1992), pp. 1036-1056.”

  • Wellness

    Health advantages for physical activity are widely known. Also understood is the difficulty for the majority to maintain a regular activity schedule. FWSSC offers a range of fun-centric physical activities, such as: dodgeball, kickball, flag-football, boccie ball, beach volleyball, ect.

    Secondarily, Physical activity has a positive effect on mental health, to include stress levels. Specifically, recreational sports have a more positive impact on both than other activities:

    Sport participation, and not other types of activities, had better mental health outcomes. [Eime, Young, Harvey, et al] explained that sport represents a chosen leisure-time activity and aims for recreation, enjoyment and social interaction which promotes well-being.

    FWSSC provides benefits for your workforce on exactly this basis.

And because you’re Awesome…

Your day is busy and sometimes complicated, we get it. In order to make this as easy as possible we’re giving you 1 point of contact. If at any time you (or anyone) has a question contact Chris and he’ll get you set-up for success.

Chris Collett


As an Added perk your company logo will be branded on your shirts, as well as every shirt in the entire league.

How it Works

  1. Email Chris with the Following info:

    1. Company Name
    2. Team name
    3. Which League you want to Play in
    4. Shirt Color Preferance
  2. You will then receive a code that allows your staff to sign-up on your team without paying.

  3. Have staff sign-up

  4. Let Chris know if you have any special requests (game times, promotional items you would like to distribute, ect.)

  5. Make 1 single payment either through an online invoice or check.